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Are you a content creator?

Blockchain technology offers a traceability solution like no technology has ever done before. The blockchain is a technology that brings many benefits to the digital dynamics that are known today.

This technology will offer you the possibility of having a better follow-up of the transactions that you obtain through your website or social channels.


the future is here

Transparent and immutable data ecosystem that only some authorized members have access to


Blockchain Benefits

The use of the blockchain becomes a guarantee for users and for any content creator. Once the block is created, it can no longer be modified, so it is extremely advantageous.



Instant monetization to set the price per view or download and get paid directly with no fees



Automatically split revenue by content with more than one contributor



Automatically split revenue by content with more than one contributor


Smart contracts

The blockchain guarantees, with smart contracts, the essential rules and conditions for transactions carried out through your channels



Centralized systems will give way to new systems without domain. This will make it possible for the talent of the content creator to focus on controlling their creations, income or prices.


Immutable records

Each file becomes unique. Without prior authorization, the Blockchain becomes a chain of processes and automations that will allow your records to be transparent and unalterable.