What is blockchain?

The blockchain is a technology used to store data on the network. The data that companies and private users store on the Internet is stored on a server. In most cases they are external devices offered by third-party companies. This is a good idea, but it has some drawbacks that the blockchain solves.

The data storage used by the blockchain is decentralized. This means that it is not based on a single team. Instead of a single server, this system uses multiple nodes or computers to which it dumps the data. The information that is collected in a blockchain is stored in some blocks, which in turn are connected to others forming a network. And, most importantly, it cannot be altered or reversed, here is the importance of this technology: the blockchain guarantees that everything stored on it has not been altered.


Blockchain Benefits

The use of the blockchain becomes a guarantee for users. Once the block is created, it can no longer be modified, so it is extremely advantageous. Many companies and individuals already trust it to store data and to carry out procedures. Because?


It's a guarantee

The blockchain guarantees that everything stored on it has not been subsequently altered. Any movement is recorded, so it has great applications for use in many sectors.


Not lost

Once it has been registered in the chain of blocks, the information remains unchanged forever as one more link. Since there are several nodes, it would not matter if one failed during verification.


Unique assets

Each file becomes unique. The virtual objects that are registered in the blockchain receive the exclusive condition. Until recently it was impossible to guarantee the veracity of a database.

Guarantee your operations

You can always check the authenticity of the operation, but without anyone being able to alter it

What uses can be given to the blockchain?


Product traceability

LProduct traceability with Blockchain aims for consumers to access information from the beginning of the production process to the end of its stage. We propose, therefore, to digitize the supply chain.


Traceability of operations

We are committed to automating certain tasks to increase efficiency and processing speed. 100% transparent monitoring of any process in the supply and storage chain in an unalterable database.


Guarantee your actions as a marketing tool

Unalterable technology that guarantees your consumers the origin, treatment and distribution of the final product.


eCommerce Revolution

Fair trade with an automation of the system processes, as well as more information to the end user.



Avoid fraud, bots and ticket scalping thanks to Blockchain technology.


Digital art and NFTs

Blockchain-based collectible digital assets. Collect great NFT works with total security and transparency.


Secure and transparent donation management

Thanks to Blockchain technology, transparency in donations will generate greater confidence in the entire process.

Leofy tech

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