Meet Team Leofy

We are a consultancy, backed by WIM GROUP, born from the need for companies to know and manage processes and services that use blockchain technology in their day-to-day, from entertainment sectors (music, gaming) to automotive, public institutions, energy industry or advertising, among many others.


Leofy Tech

Guarantor entity. We have experts in business management, Blockchain technology, web3, security, operations, legality or marketing.


Leofy Studio

You will have expert advisors in art curation whose analysis, selection and evaluation of the works will determine the exhibition of the works, both in museums or galleries and in metaverse and digital galleries.

The WIM Group Company was born in 2022 to group all the companies of the business ecosystem started with Webimpacto in 2009.

n addition to being a Blockchain consultant, we also have our own NFT digital art gallery.

Leofy tech

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