What are NFTs?

NFTs (non-fungible token, non-fungible symbolic element) are virtual assets or goods with a series of characteristics that differentiate them from other digital files:

  • They cannot be spent or exchanged for others. They are digitized elements such as drawings, photographs, videos or texts that do not have an equivalent price, as would be the case of a coin.
  • They have a unique seal. Its exclusivity is backed by the Blockchain or web3, which stores all the information in that file in a decentralized network.
  • An NFT can be stored in the cloud or on an external electronic device, but never on two at the same time. You also can’t have a backup or share. It is a unique product.
  • The NFT can be sold. The owner is free to keep it or sell it for the price he deems appropriate.

Digital Art

What rights do I have as a buyer of an NFT?

If you acquire an NFT legally, such as by buying it from Leofy, that NFT becomes yours. You can always prove that you are the legitimate buyer with the conditions that you agree with the artist or seller thanks to Blockchain technology.

You can also assign royalties automatically if the contract associated with the NFT allows it.


Digital art at Leofy Studio

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Ease of payment

You no longer need to have cryptocurrency to buy an NFT. We advise you so that you can create your own collection by purchasing it with your credit card or using your PayPal account.


Original NFTs

All NFTs are unique creations of their protagonists. If you want to sell your digital works, or digitize your physical works, contact us for more information.


Wallet when registering

We advise you about wallets and everything you need for your records. Thanks to blockchain technology, creating your NFT collection is easier than ever.


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