What are the advantages of traceability with Blockchain?

Blockchain technology offers a traceability solution like no technology has ever done before.

Decentralized data storage guarantees that all information stored with Blockchain technology has not been tampered with.


Blockchain in the supply chain

Supply management is made up of a multitude of processes and involves companies and people who are generally not located in the same place. The supply chain also requires clear and well-regulated administrative records, from the delivery of imports to billing. Blockchain technology will facilitate this process.

Monitoring and transparency

For all this, adequate monitoring and correct data traceability are needed. Given this complexity, and also to improve transparency in organizations, we present the Blockchain as a great opportunity for the digitization of your company's supply chain.

Confidence of the supply process

Reinforces the trust in the supply process thanks to Blockchain technology, which will enhance transparency in key records, certificates or claims, offering public access to said information.