Cybersecurity structures in Blockchain

What is cybersecurity in Blockchain?

The principle of blockchain technology contains security as the basis for the entire process, becoming inherent to the system itself.

In the blockchain, the data is structured in blocks and within each of them there is a series of transactions, processes or data structure created according to the needs of the company or user. All the blocks are connected creating a cryptographic chain that is almost impossible to manipulate. All transactions or operations carried out within the blocks are validated by consensus, which ensures the success of the operation and the traceability of the process.


Types of security in blockchain

El uso de la blockchain se convierte en una garantía para los usuarios. Una vez creado el bloque, ya no se puede modificar, por lo que resulta sumamente ventajoso y más cuando hablamos de ciberseguridad. 



This type of blockchain security is public and allows any user to join and, for example, validate transactions or participate in the management of certain processes.



This blockchain security option is designed for a single entity or membership to control the process and system. Access to the rest will be restricted.



Only a selected group of users will have access. All of them will have certified identities to guarantee each step or process in the blockchain.



Blockchain security in your company

  • Key management
  • Data privacy
  • Secure communication
  • Smart contracts
  • Secure transactions
  • Access and identity management

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